Experience the royal treatment when time-tested styles meet the tradition of Monterrey. Take the crown, because today you drink like el Rrëy.


Brewed in the Kingdom of Monterrey

Rrëy was founded in 2015 with the goal of crafting a beer that would come to symbolize the tradition and pride found throughout our hometown. Our beer is fit for the crown, and we are proud to honor brewing tradition and the majesty of Monterrey.


The story begins with two lifelong friends, Federico Seyffert and Patricio Ferrara, who discovered a passion for the beers of the world. The striking clarity and perfectly balanced flavors from the beers that define old-world kingdoms like England and Germany resonated with the two men so proud to be from Monterrey. So Federico and Patricio set out to reimagine those worldly flavors through the lens of the culture and heritage of Monterrey. 

To make beer fit for el Rrëy, Federico and Patricio invested in a new, state-of-the-art facility with on-site water treatment and other capabilities to control each step of the process down to the most minute detail, in the true spirit of craft brewing. The result of old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology create a beer worthy to be crowned el Rrëy.



The Team


Founders Federico and Patricio are proud of their team of beer enthusiasts. Individuals with a passion for their craft who will spend hours on end discussing hops and the art of brewing. Rrëy takes the time to perfect each step of the brewing process, and that is only possible thanks to a team dedicated to meticulously crafting a perfectly refreshing artisanal brew.


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