Our Story

Cerveza Rrëy is an artisanal Mexican beer crafted in the city of Monterrey. The founders wanted to brew a local beer, made by the people of Monterrey, that could act as a symbol of their proud city.

Our name “Rrëy” pays homage to the city where the beer was born –– ‘Monterrey.’ It is also a play on words for the Spanish word “rey,” which means king. The umlaut in the letter “ë” mirrors the umlaut in Kölsch (the style of our beer), and our emblem is the king-tab chess piece –– an icon that represents success.

At Cerveza Rrëy, we want you to treat yourself like a king. Today, you are the Rrëy.

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Kölsch Style

Kölsch is a style from Cologne, Germany and it has been brewed since 874. The word Kölsch means "from Cologne” and is used as a word to describe the local dialect, making Kölsch the only language in the world you can drink! This beer has an exquisite balance and a pleasant flavor, making it the perfect beer pairing for carne asada, but feel free to explore pairings with your favorite dishes.


Löndon Style

Our Löndon style is inspired by the classic English beer style commonly found in pubs across London as the house beer. It is a refreshing beer full of flavor. You will be able to distinguish caramel notes from the English malt and a dry fruity aroma with a hoppy finish. Recommended food pairings are meats, game, cheeses or the traditional fish and chips.

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Our Team

Founders Federico and Patricio are proud of their team of beer enthusiasts –– individuals with a passion for their craft who will spend hours on end discussing hops and the art of brewing. Rrëy takes time to perfect each step of the brewing process, and that is only possible thanks to a team dedicated to meticulously crafting a perfectly refreshing artisanal brew.


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